KITT brings you the new Transparent Visor for Face Protection

Transparent Visor for Face Protection with adjustable circumference. Very clear visibility.
For hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned

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Transparent visor, for the whole face, with support on the head. Allows adjustment of the fixing bracket on the head after the head circumference.
Protects against spraying with liquid.

Suitable for the protection of the eyes against the solid chips that appear during the processing (manual or with the help of the machines) of the metal, wood, plastic, ceramics, in the extractive industry.

Allow the correct positioning of the visor on the face.
The visor allows for the concomitant wearing of the glasses and the filter semimast.

Maximum head circumference: 65cm
Height of visor: 24cm
Width of visor: 32 cm
Material: PET

Do not disinfect with chlorine or other chemicals, in order not to damage the product.

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