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Chrysler 300C RR Phantom Look

Chrysler 300C is a full-size luxury car that perfectly balances luxury and sportivity.

Chrysler 300C it was developed in 2005 using the Chrysler LX Platform which uses components of Mercedes W211 E-Class.

The parts “lent” from Mercedes Benz are: the gearbox, electrical wires harnesses and double wishbone suspension.

American versions of Chrysler 300C are equipped with high capacity petrol engines, the idea of American engineers was to create an unusual capacity/power ratio engines, in fact these engines has less horse power but stunning torque. As an example we can remind Hemi 5.7 liters engine that produces 380 hp (257 kW) and 540 N.m.

The new model is an balanced sedan, offers both luxurious accents and fine touches of sportivity, due to this fact this model can be easily customized. Taking in consideration the medium price of this full size sedan we can reach the conclusion that with a rather small investment this car can be turned in a very luxurious and exclusive limousine like Rolls Royce or Bentley. This sedan is already equipped with very comfortable leather seats and luxurious interior details such as wood and high quality brushed aluminium. The exterior of this sedan has fine details of chrome and an imposing single frame grille.

For Chrysler 300C fans we introduce the new front bumper RR Phantom Design.

The front bumper is basically the “eye catcher” detail on yours car appearance and our philosophy is that with the proper bumper you can make your car shine in traffic.

Front Bumper crafted in high quality ABS plastic,

prepared for painting process and equipped with central grille.

Central Grille RR Phantom Design

Inner Finish: Chrome

Interior Finish Chrome

This front bumper is not equipped with PDC holders. (Parking Distance Control)

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